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Creative Pathways – A Creative BC Initiative

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“Learn, Meet, Work –  Your path to a career in film and television”


Creative Pathways is a new platform by Creative BC.

Creative BC is an organization established by the provincial government. It brings a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of the province’s creative industries. They have worked with many big name companies in the film industry like Netflix, Warner, Sony and HBO.

Thus, Creative Pathways strives to demystify the Canadian film industry and make it more equitable, diverse and inclusive. They provide collaborative and equity-focused opportunities that will help bridge British Columbians from underrepresented groups into the industry. Creative Pathways does this through many partner programs. 

Specifically, they are supporting career paths for Indigenous Canadians, Black and People of Colour, those who are LGBTQ2AI+, People with Disabilities and Women.

Furthermore, our Burst Building Blocks Program aims to help non-profit organizations, like Creative Pathways, to bring their visions to life. For this project, we had to design a website that was in-line with the core values of Creative Pathways. The website had to be contemporary and user-friendly yet diverse and inclusive. We wanted to channel the meaning behind Creative Pathways into the website design, to ensure that it conveyed their core values.

We were extremely proud and honoured to be part of such a meaningful project. Here at Burst, we are a diverse team of ambitious designers, thinkers, project managers, content creators, and storytellers, thus this project was one that we valued deeply.

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