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The Role of Google in Digital Marketing

The behavior of conducting businesses is changing with time, with most consumers presently searching online to search for their required products. The paradigm shift in online shopping shows the importance of implementing digital marketing procedures for different businesses. However, without focusing on Google, your digital marketing practices are useless. Google is the most-widely used search engine platform today, making it an integral part of your digital marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss the role of Google in digital marketing so taht you can apply it to your marketing campaign(s) thoroughly.

Why is Google Important?

Whatever the niche of your business is, your potential consumers will search for it on Google. Therefore, being related to Google’s right side is inherent to develop a successful marketing campaign. With the advent of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google gives you ample opportunities to convert your organic traffic to potential consumers. According to the study, around 71% of consumers begin their consumer journey from Google.

Tools by Google

Google is a blessing in disguise for marketers if they take it both hands. Numerous analytics tools provided by Google benefits businesses if they wish to strengthen their online presence. Starting from Google AdWords to Google My Business, Google is an ally for your business that you cannot ignore. Not to mention that most of these tools are available for free so that you can use its services right from the get-go.

Mobile-Centric Propositions

Google is everywhere! It does feel like it, given its connection with virtually every mobile phone that currently exists today. In addition to that, all the social media handles are somewhat related to Google, which makes it an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.
Google covers a hefty percentage of your digital marketing campaign; therefore, businesses must keep up with its standards. Nonetheless, as discussed beforehand, Google is an ally for marketers that can help your business gain a substantial online presence.