How Video Content Effects Digital Marketing

man holding video camera creating video content

Video marketing has been around for many years – even before YouTube came into existence. Not to mention that it’s pretty popular, considering that it’s more natural to the eyes as compared to the over-bulk of textual information available online. In digital marketing, video content plays a vital role in driving a business towards rapid development. According to an analysis, online video content will make up more than 82% of total consumer traffic by 2022, 15 times higher than in 2017. Here are the ways how video content affects the digital marketing strategies of various Businesses.

Improves Engagement and Conversion

Digital marketing comprises of different platforms, which increases engagement between consumers and marketers. With the addition of video content, engagement with the audience, and conversion dramatically increases. More engagement leads to more conversion from visitors to potential consumers.

Substantial Return on Investment

83% of the business owners claim that video content in their digital marketing practice delivers good ROI. Given the fact that the videos are not easy to create, nor are they the cheapest, but they pay back big time. All you need to do is create videos that discuss your products or services, and let the videos gain your traffic.


Search engines take video content very seriously because of their high-quality nature. You can not only create video blogs for your content, but you can also add videos to your web pages. However, you need to be careful that your video is optimized enough with relevant keywords, active meta descriptions, and even a solid video title.

Appealing for Mobile Users

We live in an era where mobile phone users are in vast numbers. According to an estimate, around 90% of users watch videos on their phones. Mobile video viewers are a lot more than those who watch videos on their laptops/computers. All in all, your video audience is growing handsomely, so you must think of creative video content to improve your purchase funnels.

Improve Competitiveness

Videos are a great way of delivering messages to your consumers in an engaging manner. In practicality, it’s more comfortable as well; because through videos, you can be as concise as you can and still relay complete information correctly. With the help of different storytelling techniques, you can catch the attention of your potential buyers and keep them engaged long enough to entertain them.

Video content is probably the most effective form of content used by digital marketers around the globe. It gives the consumers the personalized factor which
they look for whenever they are trying to acquire anything. However, it’s essential to learn that videos are only useful as you make them. So, instead of just thinking about profit and your product, convey a message or valuable information that can inspire them.