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Being Seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content

'Being Seen: Directives for Creating Authentic and Inclusive Content’ is a highly anticipated report written by Black Screen Office. It’s aim is to start the conversation on authentic representation of underrepresented groups in the Canadian screen industry. ‘Being Seen’ is a catalyst for change, and provides industry leaders with educational directives on how to create inclusive and meaningful content involving Black, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+ and People with Disabilities communities, so that Canada’s screen industry can be one where everyone is respectfully and rightfully represented.

The challenge


For this project, we had to design the Being Seen website and reports in a way that was in-line with the core values of BSO. The client required us to design the layout of 12 reports - 6 in English and 6 in French on the site. We had to create 2 micro-sites which contained the English and French translation reports and directives. Along with this, we had to source fitting imagery that complimented the website.


  • Design and Imagery Sourcing
  • Layout
  • Microsites

Staying true
to their roots.

For this project, we wanted to ensure that our focus was on the core principles of ‘Being Seen’: inclusion, authenticity and education.

We felt that using predominantly photos for the website would take away from the true meaning behind Being Seen - diversity. A photo can only capture one particular essence of a moment, not all. We felt that the directives and reports speak so powerfully themselves, that they don’t need to be overshadowed by many images. We felt that they were further supported by a simple design, rather than being potentially overshadowed by many images.


We wanted to lay out the website so that it was accessible and user-friendly. We used the brand colors of BSO - orange, green and purple. This cohesive and simple layout stimulated the visual interest of the visitors. We layed out the reports directly after the messages from the Executive Director and Chair of the Board so that the directives and reports were easily accessed.


For the 2 microsites, we had to strategically organize the presentation of the two versions of reports in English and French. We ensured that the translation of the reports were easily accessed for both languages.

We deeply valued the principles of Being Seen and we are honored and proud to be part of such an important and meaningful programme that is actively promoting positive societal change.

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