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Cloverdale has been working with contemporary equipment, knowledgeable chemists and skilled technicians since 1933. As long-standing industry experts, their qualified professionals are known to develop technologically advanced and environmentally positive paint products perfect for home, commercial and painting professionals.

the challengeA Polished Look.

The brand fell short in the visual identity of its product line – requiring severe revamping of the brand logo and labels. The brand needed to present a model to highlight the quality of work and keep up with the modernity of the marketing and design trends.


  • Consultation
  • Visual Identity
  • Print
  • Labels

LabelsA Splash
Of Colour.

Despite having constricted content layout requirements, we executed a clear, comprehensible, and well thought out design scheme that used colour to help differentiate the range of stains available and their respective usages.

final productTop Shelf

Graphic mockups are an essential tool for visualization, so we developed 3d renders of the new product line to better present how one label works in unison with another.

Our Workstretagy that goes
beyond what’s visible.


This was the first step in the execution of the project. Burst met with the marketing manager to find an excellent design solution for the business’s product marketing approach and align it with the company’s vision and objective.

Visual Identity

To enhance the visual identity of the brand we used images, graphics, and colour schemes to develop a provocative, engaging, and striking logo that aligned well with the company’s stated objectives and vision explicitly.


With a strong focus on the typography, the print was printed with a matte finish and the logo sealed with spot varnish.

the resultsloremipsum

The product launch was first exposed at their North American tradeshow and was very well received by the industry buyers. It built confidence within the sales and marketing department and without further hesitation, rolled out the new product line, nationally.

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