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Creative Pathways is a new platform by Creative BC. Creative BC is an organization established by the provincial government that brings a strategic and integrated approach to the growth and development of the province's creative industries. They have worked with many big name companies in the film industry like Netflix, Warner, Sony and HBO. Creative Pathways is a platform that strives to demystify the Canadian film industry and make it more equitable, diverse and inclusive. They provide collaborative and equity-focused opportunities that will help bridge British Columbians from underrepresented groups into the industry through many partner programs. Specifically, they are supporting career paths for Indigenous Canadians, Black and People of Colour, those who are LGBTQ2AI+, People with Disabilities and Women.

The challenge

Uniting communities.

For Creative Pathways, we needed to execute the website in an agile methodology. We also had to conduct user tests and perform a focus group.

It was very important for us to allow the client to collaborate with us on the project during the design phase. As a result, we used Sigma to allow the client to collaborate throughout the design process. Along with this, in order to keep the client fully involved, we presented our progress to various stakeholders throughout the project.


  • Website
  • API


Our objective was to design the website so that it was in-line with the core values of Creative Pathways: diverse and inclusive yet contemporary and user-friendly. In order to portray the diversity and inclusion that Creative Pathways was formed on, we decided to use a plug-in called Userway. Userway creates advanced website accessibility features so that people with disabilities are able to access and navigate the website with ease. Furthermore, we ensured to incorporate lines and shapes into the design, not solely color blocks, so that the website would be easier for anyone with visual impairments to navigate.
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Along with this, integrated a third party API called Salesforce which is a CRM software that provides enterprise applications focused on customer service, analytics and marketing automation.

We also worked alongside Magnify Digital Inc., a marketing consultant agency here in Vancouver, who provided us with the statistics and analytics of the website, details of inbound and outbound traffic and search engine optimization. They helped us set goals and conversions, and enabled us to see how many people created profiles and applied for jobs.

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