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Kohra Architecture + Interior, located in Vancouver is an independent, emerging and value-driven design firm. Their repertoire of work ranges from academic institutions, legal offices, libraries, and unions across the Pacific Northwest. With a desire to design meaningful environments for people, while pursuing cultural and environmental sustainability that encourages a balanced lifestyle.

The ChallengeSolid
but Light.

The challenge was to launch the identity of a forward-thinking design agency. Our expertise was required to develop an identity that would incorporate a graceful yet structured piece.

  • Branding
  • Stationery
  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Identity
KAI Vector

BrandingPrecise Geometry.

As an ode to Khôra’s fundamental cultural values – our team followed a collaborative approach of open ideas and concepts. We created an identity using strong geometrical ideas that would coincide with both positive and negative spaces.


We wanted the stationary to continue telling the poetics of Khôra’s approach and practices. We developed a stationary system that was both eye-catching and tactile. The materials are chosen made use of heavy textured paper stock.

KAI Visiting Card
KAI Visual Identity KAI Visual Identity

Visual Identitythe bedrock
of any brand.

We explored the notion of space and structure when designing the overall identity. By choosing Clean lines, a well-balanced typeface, structured layout, geometric shapes, lines, movement, space and texture, Burst managed to create a visual identity that is parallel to the notions of architectural principles. Hence, creating an image that genuinely represents Khora’s authentic identity.

Graphic Designadding an
extra dimension.

Our attempt to deliberately exploit all aspects of negative space was displayed in the creation of the business card by cutting out the logotype.

KAI Cover

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