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Design and live out loud.

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts is a private post-secondary school in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is now celebrating over 25 years since it opened. VanArts offers programs visual, media and performing arts plus degree pathways with university partners.

The challenge

Forwardthinking design.

VanArts wanted us to create a very forward thinking designed website that would set them apart from other academic institutions. The client's primary objective was to increase student enrolments and web traffic.

As a result, we used our expertise to create user flows that would lead to a strong call to action. We also had to design the website so that it is innovative in UX/UI design and fully responsive.


  • Website
  • Prototyping
  • Design

Intuitive showcase

The platform uses WordPress to create an intuitive website with an intuitive CMS backend for the client to use. The simplicity of its installation and the ability to be customized worked well to promote VanArt's key objectives.

Every site needs a good foundation.

Having a series of client brainstorm sessions in the early stages made our direction congruent to their objectives. When presenting the prototypes the feedback from the various shareholders was positive and we are were able to flag any shortcomings quickly. This allowed us to fast track the project ahead of the original desired deliverable date.

Well matched design.

It was important for Burst to present the right design solution to showcase the various specialties VanArts had to offer. A well-designed website gives trust to their target audience and prompts them towards action. Creating a great user experience involved a well laid out content plan with heavy imagery and video. Our project manager and designers worked collaboratively with the management team to gain a thorough understanding of the school's overall vision and business objectives. This led us to make the right aesthetic choices in layout design elements, images and animations to best facilitate the telling of the institution's brand. In this day and age, users conduct their day to day tasks on their mobile devices and VanArts users are no exception to the trend. The strong and smart layout that works in harmony with the various screen sizes was paramount when designing.

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