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Click Materials is reimagining cutting-edge window technology. The company is set up in Vancouver, Canada. Its team takes pride in having over ten years of experience in academic and industrial research. Founded in 2012, click is commercialising next-generation electrochromic windows across residential, commercial, and automotive industries that enable their users to control the amount of light and tint within their environment using a simple app. This tool serves as a helping hand in controlling the energy, privacy and uplift human experience with their environments.

Lorem IpsumInteractiveWebsite.

To develop a platform in the form of a website that would provide endless possibilities of the product features and benefit in a way that was quickly consumable by the primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences. We wanted the audience to connect with the brand and its products instantly in a manner that they assume themselves a part of their environment.

The website needed to depict a story that placed them at the centre, able to make them imagine slouching in their lazy boy chair controlling a remote control.

  • Clear site architecture and navigation that allows for seamless and intuitive user experience.
  • Created a fluid visual product story with improved filtering options to best display the features of the products.
  • Vigorous use of layout features to create a narrative that weaves literature and imagery coherently.


Some might face difficulty envisioning the features of the product; therefore, we built a more straightforward tool to demonstrate the working of the product in varying percentages. We created an environment for visitors, similar to a smart glass tinted in graduation, to provide visual comfort and privacy. The visitor can experience the changing interior environment through a virtual preview.

It was essential to determine how the content would be displayed and how the navigation would flow. It was equally important to test the effectiveness of the interactive tool that demonstrates the product’s functionality.

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Our team worked collaboratively with Click Materials to gain a thorough understanding of the product, which would lead us to make the right aesthetic choices in typeface, interactive buttons, supporting elements, imagery, and interactions to facilitate the telling of the product’s story.

Style Concepts

3D RenderingsWorth 3.000

It was essential to tell the narrative of the client’s product by developing computer-generated images that help the user visualise the varying tint degrees of the glass. A potential investor or consumer can, therefore, better comprehend how a technologically sophisticated product could accentuate their daily rituals in homes, offices, hospitality settings, or vehicles for either aesthetic, comfort, or privacy.

Interactive Tool

Interactive ToolThe User is
in Control.

The use of this tool allowed the user to control the opacity of the glass. The tailor-made tool captured the true essence of the client’s products. The virtual experience depicts the real environment mimicking how lighting can be controlled in space.


Responsive LayoutPixel-Perfect.
On Every Screen.

It was important to offer a seamless and comfortable experience to the users, therefore developed a layout featuring multi-screens of varying sizes competent enough to be accessed through any network/system (phone, tablet, or desktop computer). This resulted in improving the website’s SEO ranking.

Responsive Layout

Our WorksStrategy that goes
Beyond what’s visible.

Knowledge Gathering

Started with gathering information; Competitor’s analysis, website structure, design, prototype, UX/UI, etc. Developed a comprehensive web to provide a holistic solution to the company’s products.

Building architecture

Thoroughly analysed the product to take the user on a simple, non-complex journey of quickly comprehending the benefits and features of the product.

User interface

Developed a simple, clear, and uniform user interface that focused on enhancing and expanding the user’s experience.

Virtual experience

Developed an extensive, encompassing three-dimensional virtual experience that pledged to take the customers on a journey of vibrant visuals with the brand’s website.

Web development

Used WordPress and waterfall methods to formulate a bespoke, interactive website with a project management approach.

Support & QA

Checked the website for multi-devices browsers compatibility and provided 365-days aftercare support.


LYNDON CORMACK, co-founder

Our friends and neightbors at Burst! Creative Group were super easy to work with and exceeded my expectations on work ethic, timing and the quality of the work delivered.

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